How many species of birds have you seen in your life? Many, Right? Now it's the period to play the latest bird game to enhance the spacebar clicking rate. You can play this game in your gratis time and practice clicking the space key. The game may seem effortless to play, but while playing, you find it is much more tricky.

There is no necessity for a direction in playing this game. Yet, some people need suggestions to start. Then, here it is.

  1. Go to the homepage and type the "" site URL in the search bar.
  2. In the left column, you will notice the "Games" choice.
  3. Click there and then choose the flappy bird.
  4. Here you are. You have joined the game and are only one step away from playing.
  5. Press the "S" key to begin the game. Now you are prepared to play the game.

The Challenge

The main challenge is to run as far as you can. Controls, you assumed it right, with the spacebar. You have to press the spacebar repeatedly to make the bird fly and protect it from the flying blocks simultaneously. You can play the game with friends and defeat them to prove your gaming skill.

Space Invaders The Spacebar Counter Game

Do you love space? Obviously. Everyone does. Space is full of value like stars, moon, planets, comets, etc. Our space invaders in also full of joy, challenges, and uncertainty. Once you play the game, you will begin enjoying it. The game is short and comfortable to play in free time to rehearse the spacebar test.


1.What Is In the game?

The idea of this game is to protect our spaceship and kill the invaders. There are numerous classes in this game. Once you finish one level, you will drive to another. As you level up, you will start to understand that the game is challenging and impossible to pass on the first trial. With each level, the invaders get faster and fall more bombs! Hence, you have to be cautious.

Controls: Move the spaceship with arrow keys. Right arrow (-->) to move right and left arrow key (<--) to move left. Press Spacebar to shoot at enemies.

2.Why Should You play Space Invaders?

  • As game authorities depend on the spacebar, you can click it more quickly than average.
  • You will enhance your gaming skills.
  • More challenges will help to create your attention.
  • You can play in your free time to kill boredom.

3.How Do Score High?

As we keep using the spacebar repeatedly to play the game, you have to improve your spacebar speed. The better and fast you click, the higher your chances of succeeding in the game. You can practice professional gamers' strategies to boost CPS. Example: Butterfly clicking. You can also practice operating multiple spacebar time- methods in this tool.

Wrap Up

Spacebar counter is an awesome game that lets you discover how fastly you can click your spacebar. It also allows you to maximize your spacebar tapping rate.

The spacebar counter challenge allows you to optimize your working speed also. This way, you can complete your job before your timetable and have more time to pay for your social life.

Corona Runner

Dinosaur Runner

Most populer Spacebar Game

We have used our keyboard many time while working. We have executed tests such as clicks per second, where you can test your spacebar clicking speed. Also, like typing speed test, In spacebar clicker you can check your typing speed and accuracy. However, have you ever wondered how you could resolve the clicking speed of your spacebar with the spacebar counter?

We click the spacebar more than any key on the keyboard but the query is, how fast you can click it! So, welcome to the spacebar counter test to decide your spacebar clicking speed. 

Here, you can experience in the spacebar counter challenge.

The Purpose Of Spacebar Counter Tool

  1. We made this tool to provide users with simple criteria for practicing and enhancing their speed when clicking the space bar.
  2. Speeding up your space bar clicks are hereafter improves your working speed
  3. Additionally, it enhances your online gaming execution. You can hit your target more quickly than before

Spacebar test comes up with an awesome games combo. These games will allow you to boost the number of clicks on the spacebar. The game is absolutely fun and challenging to play. Our Dinosaur runner game is one among them. Playing dinosaur runner is considerably more exciting to play as you will find the next level of challenges every minute.

As our adorable dinosaur continues moving, the fast he will race. You have to protect him with your clicking speed. The challenge is to improve the spacebar clicking speed as dino keeps running up with time. Remember, dinosaur life is in your thumbs.

The Challenge

The game is fun to play. To play the game, type "Games" on the homepage and go to "Dinosaur Runner." Press the spacebar to play the game.

When you begin playing, the dinosaur will start running and you have to protect him from the thorny cactus by beating the spacebar. The more rapid you click the space key, the higher dino will jump. As time passes, it will become more challenging for you because the dino will run faster with time.

Try to achieve a high score in the game. You can also play with your buddies and beat them to prove yourself a pro gamer.


Corona is a killer virus. Anyone who got infected with corona will hardly outlive. Hence, one must take protection, and precautions such as wearing a mask, cleaning hands, and avoiding touching mouth. While playing corona runner, you must obey such safety bars to win the game. No, you don't need to sanitize your hands, but make your thumb more flexible.

The game is easy to play. All you have to do is choose the games menu from the homepage and proceed to Corona Runner. Then press the space button to start the game. Isn't it easy? Playing the game is more enjoyable again.

The Challenge

After you begin the game, the coronavirus will keep driving. You have to press the spacebar to allow corona to jump over people and save them from infection. As time passes, the corona will sprint up. Thus, it will become more difficult for you to play the game. Try to earn a high score and hold the score.

Flappy Bird The Spacebar Game

Spacebar Key Test